Cycling on the promenade with no lights. (detail) Collage Drawing, 2014. (1/16)

Dream On. Badges. Free badge give away in collaboration with artist S Mark Gubb 2010. (2/16)

Sheriff Waldo Pepper. Mixed media, Collaboration with artist Hannah Lees 2008. (3/16)

Spam. Poems written using spam emails, printed as scrolls and disseminated at random in Whitstable as part of the satellite program for the biennale 2010, Collaboration with artist and musician Dan Davis. (4/16)

Happy Birthday. 16 photographs of hand made happy birthday posters, exhibited at Turner Contemporary open exhibition 2009, ongoing project. (5/16)

Neat Neat Neat. Zine. Contributed articles and illustrations for independent publication. 2001 – 2005, Edited and distributed by Philip Page. (6/16)

Give it back. Six Polaroid images of objects purchased, changed and re donated to a range of charity shops, Whitstable Biennale 2008, Collaboration with artist and musician Dan Davis. (7/16)

Dog. Mixed media. Exhibited at Abandon, Limbo Margate 2004. (8/16)

Plaque. Collaboration with artist S Mark Gubb. Margate rocks fringe event, Margate 2002. (9/16)

Funny. Clown painting. Against the obviousness of obviousness / my friends and i couldn't do punk, somehow. Matts studio, Limbo, Margate 2008. (10/16)

Thanet. Double page spread, published Hawaii, Chinese wax job, zine 2010. (11/16)

Mods and Rockers. Still image from Margate Mods and rockers reunion video 2004. (12/16)

Park. Quadraphonic sound installation in Tunbridge Wells museum and gallery, collaboration with artist Andrew Palmer 2005. (13/16)

Drill, Clown, Dream, Shed. Acrylic and household gloss paint on canvas, individual size 8 x 8 inches. 2001/2002. (14/16)

Deal memories. Acrylic on canvas, Private commission. (15/16)

Margate 1940. Public commission. Temporary hoarding, 140 foot x 9 foot high, mixed media building wrap. Includes the poem Margate 1940 by John Betjeman. (16/16)