During the installation of the Limbo Members' Open exhibition, I took a photograph of the selected works before they were installed and covered with a transparent protective dustsheet. I have been experimenting with this image as a basis for a new work which makes specific pictorial reference to the location of the Open exhibition in space as well as in time, this idea was developed with the inclusion of a simple text referencing the date of last year's and this year's Open shows within the same work.

Although it has been augured that all photography is rooted in the past I wanted to play with that idea, by creating something that, whilst referencing the past, could also be part of the here and now. The work was displayed in the precise location where the original photograph was taken a year to the day.

Time, Place and Space. C-Type print mounted on aluminium, 8 x 5". (1/2)

Install photograph of Time, Place and Space with detail of Hannah Birkett: Breakdown (2/2)